Hey everyone. This last weekend was a pretty good one. On Friday, me and Alexis rented Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and the first disc of Mad Men. Here are my reviews: At first watch, Nick and Norah was ok. Then, the more me and Alexis talked about it, we hated it. I could go into detail about the many annoying things about it, but it may be kind of graphic and I bet my Mom will read this soon. Alexis said it best when she said “This movie wants to make out with itself.” Mad Men, however, was surprisingly very good. After the first episode, me and Alexis were like, “Eh. It’s pretty good.” Then, the more we watched, we were all “Let’s got get disc two…now.” It’s no Sopranos or Lost, but it is worth all the hype. On Saturday, we worked out after a delicious French Toast breakfast. Then, Alexis continued reading The Fountainhead while I worked on recording music. I’m working on a couple of songs right now. One is a secret, but the other one is called (for now) “One Day, David Bowie Is Going To Die (And That Makes Me Sad)”. The song has nothing to do with David Bowie or death, I just like the sound of that title. Anyway, we also got our taxes done thanks to Eddie (Alexis’s dad). We’re excited to get back our tax refund so we can buy a new laptop. We’re thinking about getting a Dell XPS. Anyone know anything about them? We would get a Mac, but we’re not yuppies. Saturday night, we watched the rest of Mad Men, and still, the show is really good. We’re gonna wait till this next weekend for Disc 3, since we have many shows to watch during the week (American Idol, Lost, Fringe, The Office, MonsterQuest). On Sunday, we went to church and were surprised to find that we had been emailed about having lunch with another couple, but since we don’t really check our emails on the weekend, we couldn’t make it. We did postpone the lunch to next weekend. This was our second lunch invite, but our first invite from someone that I didn’t know before. It’s pretty exciting. The rest of the day, we lazed around. At night, we watched The Grammy’s only because Radiohead was playing. If you didn’t know, I love Radiohead. Anyway, they were awesome. Everyone else sucked. One funny thing happened though. We learned something new about our dog, Buster. Apparently, he HATES Kenny Chesney. When he performed, Buster began barking at the TV. This made me proud, but also kind of annoyed since Buster has a very shrill bark. In fact, Buster hates and/or is scared of a lot of random things. Alexis and I are compiling a list of these. So far, he hates pizza boxes, fire hydrants, my pants, Mexican people, things turned over on their side, the song “Aluminum” by The White Stripes, other dogs, guitar cases, and now Kenny Chesney. Overall, a pretty great weekend.


Hey everyone, Ike here. I just got to my desk a few minutes ago. Why so early, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Every morning, Alexis and I (along with Buster) wake up at 5:20 am. From there, we get ready and eat breakfast and drink coffee and whatever. Around 6:20, we leave the apartment to drop off Buster at LaNette’s (Alexis’s mom) house. We usually leave their house around 6:34. After that, we make our trip to Alexis’s work (Texas Instruments) and I drop her off around 7:12. I drop her off, and head to my work where I usually get there between 7:30-7:45. Now, the reason we do this is because as many young married people are realizing…work sucks.  So, when we get to work early, we get to leave work early! Because work is not fun. And frankly, it’s draining sometimes. Because of my work, I don’t think I’m very funny anymore. It could all be in my head, but whatever. Alexis and I are still laughing together after work, though, so happiness still has a home at the Peters. Although, I would totally join a cult or commune if they asked me to. Given, I’d have to check out their leader and make sure he/she isn’t a lunatic. But I would seriously consider joining. The commune would have to be somewhere cool, obviously. Like a giant mansion with a lot of land or a castle or something. I wouldn’t want to live out on some farm out in California or something, cause then I think they would want us to do drugs and do manual labor and stuff. No, I want a cult that is going to better suit my needs. For example, my cult would have to be one that just lets me be creative all day. I would get to write and record songs, make little movies, maybe write some jokes or something. And they would provide food and shelter for my family. I might even let them eat Buster if that’s the case. Although, Alexis would greatly disapprove of us joining up with a dog-eating cult. Whatever. Anyway, my point is that working and being married and being an adult is a crazy thing to get used to. This time, last February, I was probably asleep, with no worries in the world except how am I going to get this or that paper due date extended. Now, I’m in a cubicle, editing things I only 46% understand, looking forward to buying groceries tonight. I’m not saying that my life is bad, because I am truly blessed to have the things I have. I only say all this because it’s just insane where I am now compared to where I was. But let this be said here and now, I have never and will never be interested in the weather. It’s a trend I’ve seen in older people, but I refuse to give in! Love.